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US Army infantrymen fighting in the jungles of Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands, 13 Sep 1943 / Schuman

Alkole alışmanın tek kötü yanı, sarhoş olmak için her defasında biraz daha fazla içmek zorunda olduğunuzdur.


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The Statue of Liberty, photographed during a blackout in 1942 — an eloquent expression of the nation’s mood in the first full year of a global conflict with no real end in sight. / Andreas Feininger

Turkey hits targets inside Syria after border deaths (WE DON'T WANT WAR!)

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American troops chat near a dead Japanese soldier on Iwo Jima. The degree to which the Japanese were willing to fight to the death, rather than surrender, is summed up in one remarkable statistic: Close to 20,000 Japanese soldiers were killed during the battle; only around 200 were captured. / W. Eugene Smith
American troops in the Philippines celebrate the long-awaited news that Japan has, finally, unconditionally, surrendered in August 1945. / Carl Mydans